Circuit Samples

Roland TR-8

A sample set created from the TR-8. Generally followed the layout of the default Circuit drum set, so Drum 1 is assorted Kicks, Drum 2 is snares, etc..

Download file: (2.95M)

Alesis SR-18

This is a small set of samples from the SR-18. This thing actually has over 500 drum and percussion PCM sounds plus some bass sounds, so plenty of potential for a few more sets!

I've included a PDF in the zip file that shows how the sounds are distributed, but basically, I've selected 8 of the SR-18 kits and taken the Kick, Snare Hats and some effects from each one.

Download file: (2.56M)

Akai Miniak

Akai's Miniak is a monster of a synth with tons of sounds, a sequencer, effects and drums, which are synthesized rather than sampled. There are about 120 or so drum and percussion sounds on the Miniak and for this pack, I've mainly concentrated on the Kicks, Snares and Hats, tho' there are some percussion hits in there as well.

Included in the zip is a PDF and also the individual wav samples in case you'd like to roll your own set.

Download file: (10.04M)

Yamaha RX-5

Some classic 80's cheese with this drum machine, from which I've mostly sampled the default sounds both from the internal ROM as well as the RX5 ROM that comes with it.

However, this beast has some interesting functions that allow the adjustment of the pitch, attack and decay of the included sounds so to fill the Circuit I've also included some other samples as well. A couple of these are fairly long-ish so unless you drop the tempo, they will click when they re-trigger.

As with the Miniak set, I've included the sample wav files in the zip.

Download file: (10.04M)

Roland TR-8 7x7

With the recent addition of 606 sounds to the 7x7 expansion for the TR-8, I finally succumbed to buying it so this set contains sounds from the 808, 909, 707, 727 and 606 emulations on the TR-8.

Download file: (4.22M)

Yamaha RY30

A sampleset featuring selected samples from the Yamaha RY30 drum machine.

Download file: (5.36M)

Roland R8m

A sample set featuring sounds from the Roland R8m, including all of the instruments from the R8-04 Electronic ROM card.

There are only 68 default instrument sounds on the R8m, so I've mainly selected the kick, snare and hats from a few of the kit patches, then added the sounds from the Electronic card and added a few odd sounds from another kit. The R8m only features one open and one closed hat sound so some of the kit hat samples sound pretty similar but they may still be useful

Download file: (6.24M)

Circuit Patches

Bank of Initial Patches

The Isotonik manual for the editor says that there should be a bank of initialized patches in the download folder but I couldn't find them so I created one.

This is a full bank of 64 patches so there's somewhere to start creating patches.

Download file: (1K)

The George Hall Collection For Circuit Vol.1

64 patches based on George Hall's Sledge tutorials. It features the first 64 patches from George's tuts, which I have bastardized to squeeze them on the Circuit. They're not a faithful reproduction as the Circuit lacks an oscillator and an effect or two, but hopefully they will be useful. Personally, I think that some of the Basses and Strings sounds came out pretty well.

All of the patches have had Macro functions added so it's possible to adjust things like the Frequency and Resonance, etc..

All of the Oscillator settings, Filter and Envelope settings are the same as can be found in the parameters list here:

Patch Parameters List

Download file: (44K)

Peak Patches

PEAK Patch Bank 1

A bank of 128 patches for the Peak. The first 64 of these were created from the initial patch, whilst the last 64 were derivations of the Circuit patches crated by Big City Great Decay, available here

Download file: (40K)

The George Hall Collection

Sometimes on Youtube you find some channel gems. One such is Dave Clements' as he hosts some excellent tutorials of Synth programming by George Hall. George's tutorials are all done on the Studiologic Sledge but it seemed to me that these would translate quite well to the Peak, so I started programming them using George's Sledge settings, the results of which you can find in the attached sound bank.

These sounds range from traditional organ and piano sounds to some classic trance patches and sounds from artists such as Gary Numan, Tangerine Dream, Jarre and Vangelis. Most of them have transferred rather well but, owing to the differences between the Sledge and the Peak some sound a bit off. For instance, the Dr Who patches, and the Stairway to heaven guitar, which actually makes for a rather nice piano patch. The Thunder is pretty naff tho'!

In programming the Peak patches I've deliberately not used much in the way of the Mod Matrix, or the Animate buttons as the Sledge doesn't have these but you can employ these for your own embellishments. Likewise, the Peak is missing the Flange and Phaser effects of the Sledge so patches such as the Bladerunner Bass are a bit off, tho' still very usable IMO.

So, hope you enjoy and do watch George's tuts. They are well well worth the effort:-)

Dave Clements' Channel

You can find all of the settings from George's tutorials here: This covers most of Georges tutorials so far, tho the PEAK patches only go up to Tutorial 52.

Download file: (40K)

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